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Our Mission

The mission of Lucky Sevan is to use the beach and Mother Ocean and the surfing experience as the backdrop to teach young people how to deal with life’s challenges and see them as opportunities for growth in a loving, supportive, and inclusive environment.

The youth are led and taught in daily workshops and team discussions about communication, inclusion, trust, self-confidence, and physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional discipline as the essential pillars for strength to unlock their true potential and incorporating these principles into his everyday life.

The true purpose of Lucky Sevan is to use the principles of learning to surf and the beach environment to teach young men what it takes to ride a wave, and gain a deeper understanding and respect for themselves, others and their contribution to the world in which they live.  They will learn to unlock their true potential through daily team building activities and devotionals, the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, service, and spiritual balance through meaningful atonement based object lessons that are centered in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Our Founders

From its modest beginnings in the summer of 2005, the notion was born in the minds of two humble engineering college students feeling compelled to mentor two disadvantaged young men in their community, and share their love of surfing in San Diego, between long and grueling semesters. Surfing provided a sense of peace, much needed rejuvenation, and a clearer perspective unlike that found in any other activity.


Lucky Sevan was formally named, and in 2006, Evan Rogers, Paul Miller, & Todd Skinner went to work recruiting young people to the program with the sole purpose of strengthening and empowering them through one-on-one mentoring. Today, the Lucky Sevan Surf School Expeditions continue to thrive with over 50 adult volunteer mentors and 400 youth having participated in their surf camps over the years.

Todd Skinner

Treasurer/Director Camp Logistics


Todd is the Foundation’s Treasurer and Director of Camp Logistics... Learn More

Todd is a CPA and Principal of a tax and business advisory firm, Skinner + Company since 1987. Todd, rather OZ is the-man-behind-the-curtain overseeing the thoughtful use of the foundation’s funds and manages all the camp purchasing logistics for all our youth participants and adult mentors each year. Todd’s son was one of the “7” lucky young men to attend Lucky Sevan’s very 1st Annual Surf School Expedition in 2006. After the rave reviews from his son, Todd knew he had to volunteer as a mentor and experience this camp for himself. He was blown away!  Nothing he had ever experienced was available for youth, compelling him to be ALL in and build and expands Lucky Sevan’s reach across other oceans.

Evan Rogers

Co-Founder, CEO/Camp Director


Evan is the Foundation’s CEO and Camp Director... Learn More

Evan received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from ASU in 2002 where he began his career and later fell into consulting and sales. Since 2009, he has worked as a Principal at Skinner + Company and is business partners with Todd Skinner where he manages the business development and marketing operations for the tax and business advisory CPA firm. As an experienced waterman and with a passion for mentoring kids, and with the help of his close friends, Evan began the venture in 2006 to share his love of surfing by developing it into an impactful camp experience to educate and better equip young people. Evan’s long-term vision is to make their camps available to youth across the world.

Paul Miller

Co-Founder, Vice President/Head of Surf Instruction


Paul is the Foundation’s Vice President and Director of Surf Instruction... Learn More

Paul received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from ASU in 1996 where he began his career as an entrepreneur building an onsite IT company that he ran for over 15 years, until he decided to expand his reach in 2015 by joining a larger IT company, called Total Networks where he works as an IT Manager. Another experienced waterman spending his summers in San Diego surfing as a youth, he is one of Lucky Sevan’s Co-Founders and is also our camp’s resident surf instructor.  Like Evan, he has an infinity and natural way of connecting with and mentoring youth. Paul (and his wife Vandy) has been an invaluable asset to the organization and has been instrumental in supporting and building Lucky Sevan into what it has become today.

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