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Boys Dates:
Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 10th 2020
Monday, July 12th to Friday, July 16th 2021
Monday, July 11th to Friday, July 15th 2022
Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th 2023
Monday, July 8th to Friday, July 12th 2024
Monday, July 7th to Friday, July 11th 2025


Why Lucky Sevan?

The true purpose of Lucky Sevan is to use the principles of learning to surf and the beach environment to teach young men what it takes to ride a wave, and gain a deeper understanding and respect for themselves, others and their contribution to the world in which they live.  They will learn to unlock their true potential through daily team building activities and devotionals, the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, service, and spiritual balance through meaningful atonement based object lessons that are centered in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lucky Sevan Surf  is a 5-day surf camp in San Diego for young men and young women. Inspired and organized by Lucky Sevan’s Founder, Evan Rogers, Lucky Sevan is a non-profit foundation founded in 2006 that exists to more effectively inspire young people and shape their character and prepare them for ALL of life’s challenges and successes.

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